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    About Us
        The Agel Ecommerce Ltd was founded in May 12, 2015 in Shandong. Registered capital: 100 billion yuan. Shandong Lihebo Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. is located in the world-renowned kite capital, Weifang City, Shandong Province, is a limited liability company wholly owned by natural persons. Shandong Lihebo Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. will build China's first-class e-commerce platform, first-class online shopping mall, to eliminate all fake and inferior. Products, will become the most prestigious mall enterprises, the company operates high-quality domestic and foreign products, is a high-end consumer shopping paradise.
        Company's business scope: online trade agent and training service. The company will achieve sales of RMB 100 million in one year, sales of RMB 300 million in two years, three years will become a major taxpayer in Shandong, five years will become a major taxpayer in China, from home to the world!
        The name of Rehob came from the Bible [Gen 26:22] Isaac left there and dug another well. They did not contend for it. He named the well Rehob. He said, "the Lord is giving us a broad land now, and we will flourish in this land."     
        The company is based on the biblical culture of "love" and advocates "love for each other" as the center. From then on, it will not compete, respect each other, learn from each other, understand each other, encourage each other, pull each other and fulfill the dream of life together. From then on, it will do things safely and steadily with one mind. Until the other side of success!
    Corporate culture
    Propaganda: promoting red culture.
    Huai Cheng: to provide quality service with integrity and conscientious attitude. 
    Examination:Practice with professional, normative and pragmatic concepts, and improve the core competitiveness of the industry with high efficiency and stability of science and technology 
    Win win: affinity and symbiosis, and ultimately achieve the maximum benefit of multi value.
    management idea
        Norms: operating according to law, standardized operation, steady development and trustworthiness, trust in the market, trust in society, trust in customers.
        Innovation: Innovation seeks development, innovation promotes service, innovation pays attention to benefit feedback, returns customers with income, returns customers with demand, and returns society with love.
    Enterprise spirit 
        People-oriented enterprise spirit, forge enterprise culture, expand innovative thinking; training professional intelligence, team strength, social responsibility, grinding and forging into a brilliant foundation, high-quality service, steady and pragmatic, symbiotic win-win situation.
    development strategy 
        Honesty and sincerity are the source of our unremitting, prudence and pragmatism are our grand posture forward, professional innovation is the driving force of our operation, symbiosis and win-win is our eternal pursuit.
    Strategic positioning 
        Establish the benchmark of China's e-commerce industry, build the top brand of China's e-commerce, and cast the first-class platform of China's e-commerce.
    strategic target
        High growth enterprises and high value-added enterprises.
    Strategic policy
        Experts gather knowledge fusion innovation to advance the quality of integration of enterprise network rich resources and effective management of professional services.nbsp; 
    Corporate Culture
        Welcome to Shandong Lihebo E-commerce Co., Ltd. through lnternet, thank you for your attention to Shandong Lihebo E-commerce Co., Ltd. As the old saying goes, "a bosom friend in the sea is a nei***or." The rapid development of Internet technology in modern society has provided us with a fast communication channel with friends both inside and outside the province. We are close at the end of the world. It is in this era of network birth and continue to push out new, I sincerely hope that this site can better become a bridge of communication and cooperation between Lihebo and friends from all walks of life!
        "People-oriented, technological innovation, first-class products, first-class service" is our aim. Seeing talents first is the way of survival and development of Li He Bo's cause. We firmly believe that human beings are the most precious in the world, so long as there are human beings, any human miracle can be created. But having someone does not mean having everything. Only with the capacity to accommodate people, know people's skills, the system of educating people, the method of employing people, the strategy of retaining people, can we mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of workers, and enterprises have vitality and competitiveness.
        The company's products to the most intimate, natural way for the broad masses of the people to solve a variety of disease problems, the company has solved tens of thousands of cases before the founding of the masses have been unanimously praised, creating countless human joy, the company will again with the most unique method, the exact effect for your health It is our eternal pursuit to escort and strive for the cause of human health all our life. To benefit the people is also the constant belief and persistent pursuit of the people of Lihebe. Welcome people from all walks of life who love health cause to join us, willing to work together with all partners for the cause of human health.
        Our mission: to strive for the cause of human health, and to strive for the rest of my life. 
        Our duty is to do things conscientiously, do our best, and have no excuse. 
        Our service tenet: sub-health patients trust us, and the interests of consumers and people's health above all.
    Chairman's speech
    Aptitude honor